Vaginal Cancer Treatment

What is vaginal cancer treatment?

Vaginal cancer treatment is the treatment that can help the women with vaginal cancer recovered. The treatment will depend on how advanced the cancer is. There is several treatment for vaginal cancer:


Radiotherapy is as an initial treatment to cure the cancer. These treatments usually combine with chemotherapy. Radiotherapy also used after surgery to prevent the cancer from returning. Radiotherapy for vaginal cancer includes two types that is internal radiotherapy (brachytherapy) and external irradiationtherapy (teletherapy). Brachytherapy mainly targets at primary lesions of vagina and the adjacent infiltration zone. Teletherapy mainly aims at infiltration area around tumor and metastatic lymph nodes area. Internal radiotherapy may be used if the cancer is in the lining of your vagina while external radiotherapy may be used if the cancer is deeper in the tissue of the vagina.


Surgery also is the primary treatment for vaginal cancer. Most of specialists were treating a cancer using surgery. Surgery is the removal of the tumor and surrounding tissue during an operation. There are four types of surgery for vaginal treatment includes partial vaginectomy, radical vaginectomy, radical hysterectomy and pelvic exenteration.

Partial Vaginectomy

Partial vaginectomy can be used to treat a vaginal cancer at stage 1 which mean radiotherapy has failed to remove the cancer or women prefer to have a surgery rather than radiotherapy. This surgery will remove the cancerous section of the vagina as well as some surrounding healthy tissue. It will repair the defect in the vaginal wall which you will be able to have normal sexual intercourse and can have children after you have recovered from the operation.

Radical vaginectomy

Radical vaginectomy can be used to treat a vaginal at stage 1 and 2. This surgery will remove most, or all, of your vagina. Other than that, a plastic surgeon may be able to make a vagina using a skin, muscle and tissue taken from other parts of the body usually at thighs and buttocks. Besides, it is not always to create fully functioning vagina.

Radical hysterectomy

Radical hysterectomy is often performed at the same time as a radical vaginectomy. This type of surgery will remove all of the reproductive system including womb, fallopian tubes, ovaries and nearby lymph.

Pelvic exenteration

Pelvic exenteration is used to treat advanced cases of vaginal cancer. Before have a surgery the patient must in a good health. It will remove your bladder. One solution to pass urine is make a hole (stoma) in your abdomen. A bag is then attached to the stoma so that the urine can be passed into it. The bag is known as urostomy bag. Another stoma can be made and attached to a collection bag to pass stools (feaces) out of your digestive system. The bag is known as a colostomy bag. This surgery may take several months to fully recover from the operation.


Chemotherapy is given by injection (intravenous chemotherapy). It usually used in combination with radiotherapy or to control symptom when a cure is not possible. It used the powerful cancer-killing medicines to damage healthy tissue and also give a some of side effect such as nausea, vomiting, hair loss and fatigue. However the side effects should stop once treatment has finished.



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